Why Invest in New Commercial Projects in Gurgaon ?

There are multiple reasons why one should invest in new upcoming commercial projects in Gurgaon. Let's look at some of them.

1. Price : investing in a pre launch stage in a new commercial project in Gurgaon will ensure you buy at the first rate & get the best possible deal.
2. Choice of units : you can chose a unit according to your wish as all the inventory is available and you have the option to pick & chose
3. Pre launch benefits : Most developers offer some pre launch benefit schemes to lure customers at the time of launch of a new commercial project
4. Inaugural discounts : Almost all new pre launch commercial projects in Gurgaon offer a huge inaugural discount to first few customers
5. Payment plans : you can opt for flexible and customised payment plans while buying a new commercial projects in Gurgaon

Why Commercial ?

An assured investment is a primary stage where the investor makes payment (95% of the property cost) during an initial time of booking or launch of projects and after that immediately they start receiving 9%-12% return on investment which is made by an investor.

Assured Return Projects are the best investment in real estate market. The developer of the project will always offer a minimum assured return ranging from 9% to 12% till you get the possession. Throughout the project, you are liable to get 30%-40% of your project as well as capital appreciation. Many renowned developers provides first lease guarantee, and a standard company lease is at least of 9 years. 

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