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Gurgaon Commercial Property FAQ's

Commercial Property Simplified

Assured return

Developers instead of financing their projects from banks where they are required to give collateral security at times and the rate of interest is upto 17-18%, ( depending on their finances and profile ) prefer to raise money from investors in their projects at an early stage and in lieu, offer fixed monthly assured return or rental till the possession of the project.

Pre rented property

Pre rented or pre leased property is a commercial property which is tenanted and available for sale / purchase. Typically, these pre rented properties in Gurgaon are sold on their rental yield at a ROI percentage ( where in the capital value of the property is arrived by capitalizing the annual rental value on a fixed ROI percentage )

Lease guarantee

In the past few years, a lot of developers have started selling their commercial projects in Gurgaon with lease guarantee. meaning post possession a minimum rental is guaranteed to the investor for a fixed period of time.


NPV or Net Present Value of money is a financial concept used when investors of commercial properties do not want to take the monthly assured rental from developers and chose to take a one time up front discount, wherein the value is adjusted as per the net present value of money.

Rental Yield

Rental yield is the yield or return of a commercial property calculated as a percentage of its capital value.


Can i get home loan benefits in a commercial property?

No. You can not get the benefits and exemptions of home loan provisions under the Income Tax Act if you are investing in a commercial property.

What is Capital gains?

Capital gains is the amount of profit calculated from your selling price of the property and the purchase price, and is calculated with indexation. Also you can not offset residential property capital gains tax against investment in commercial property.

Are commercial properties covered under RERA?

Yes, all new and under construction commercial properties are registered and covered under RERA.

Can I avail a bank loan to buy a commercial property?

It depends on the project and the developer. But in most cases, you can avail a bank loan or commercial property loan to finance your commercial property purchase.